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How can community help someone deal with anxiety, loss, or any other life event?

How can community help someone deal with anxiety, loss, or any other life event? There
are several ways a community can help to deal with problems such as anxiety in individuals.
When a person has a problem such as anxiety or loss of a loved one, it is hard
for the person to know he has a problem. But the intervention of other people
from the community makes it possible for the person to identify the problem.
The community plays a great role in the wellbeing of individuals. The group of people
you interact with can encourage you to practice healthy lifestyle which can
solve several problems which face people from different walks of life. Here are
some of the ways the community can help individuals deal with problems in life:

community helps to identify the problem in the person

In most
cases, when a person is affected by a certain problem, it is hard for the person
to identify the problem. But community members can note changes in a given
individual from where they will act. They can even discuss among themselves and
approach the person facing problems. If you are affected by a given issue, the
community can play a great role in helping you get rid of the problem. For
instance, the community can decide to help you face a social problem, financial
or even psychological.

concern and support

After the
community identifies your problem, the people in the community will be ready to
express concern and support. People tend to feel good after they discover
someone cares for them. As a community member, you will get other people expressing
concern about the situation you are facing. For example, if you have faced a
problem such as lose of life. The community can discuss and come up with solutions
which will play a great role in helping you achieve the best results in the


For you to
solve a given problem in your life, you should seek treatment. There are different
types of treatments you can apply. It can even confuse you on the right treatment
which you need to apply so that you can solve the problem. People in the
community can contribute their thoughts about a given problem which will make it
easy for you to solve any problem even if it is challenging.

self-esteem of the person through interaction

There are
some problems which can lower you esteem. Low self-esteem can do a lot of harm
to your life. But, you can easily raise yourself esteem if you can interact
with other member soft eh community who will encourage you to undertake certain
measures which will improve your life. People tend to feel useful in the
community if they can meet with other people who will listen to their concerns
and encourage them. It does not matter the problem you are facing, with the
right members of the community who will encourage you, it will be easy to get
rid of any problem making you lose self-esteem. Others can even offer you real
life solutions which you can apply due to their experience.

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What can build community?

What Things Can Help Build a Sense of Community?

Building a sense of community is not just a fabulous way of bringing people together in a fun way, but it also helps forge strong
connections between members of a community as well. Whether it is in school,workplace or in business, everyone gets to benefit when people work together to build a sense of community. Better still, everyone gets to play an active role in the community. But as important as building a sense of community is, building one isn’t easy. Nevertheless, there are some things that can be done to build a strong sense of community where every community member gets to benefit. Below are among the things that can be done to create a strong sense of community

  1. Getting involved with community organizations

Getting involved with organizations, causes and activities you are passionate about can provide you with an opportunity to
encounter like-minded people whom you can share common interests and goals with. Most importantly, it can help instill a strong sense of belonging in everyone that is taking part in any events that require community members’ participation.

  1. Holding community events

This offers an excellent opportunity to work with members of the community toward a charitable cause. Holding a food or clothing
drive, or any other community event, allows community members to come together and unite toward achieving a common objective. Again, taking part in such events can bring closeness among community members, particularly those that rarely get to interact with each other.

  1. Reaching out to others

Nothing can help build a strong sense of community than reaching out to others. It actually helps bring everyone on board thus
prompting them to take an active role in the community. Without reaching out to others and making them feel part of the community, then it is almost impossible to forge a sense of community. There are many ways to reach out to others. For instance, you can start a group that is committed to visiting ailing community members in nursing homes. Reaching out to others is ultimately the best way of building a strong sense of community especially among the most vulnerable and mostly neglected community members such as the elderly and the sick.

  1. Celebrating good times together

To build a strong sense of community, each community member has to show their support for each other in both tough times and in trumps. Most neighborhoods have parties meant to bring members of the community together. This isn’t purely for fun, but meant to bring community members together so that they can get to know each other well. Whether it is an impromptu get-together or a formal gathering, being part of the celebration can help bring communities together and make them feel as if they are one big family.


The benefits of building a strong sense of community can never be reemphasized. With the right techniques of building a sense of community, building strong communities where every community member can contribute to the progress of the entire community can be much easier and rewarding in the long-run.

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Why is community important?

When it comes to community activities, you can see that there is no bar these days. People don’t mind getting the spouse from the other community. But some people still believe that there are benefits to get married in own community. Even though we can see many people opting for love marriages, you will see that in arranged, there is still more relevance for Community Matrimony.

Benefits of getting married in same community

If you get married in same community then there would be a few benefits. You can in one way know as to what all rituals are there and what kind of mentality people have. Thus, in one way, when you get married, you would be mentally prepared for a few things as you already know these are the things common in your community. Also, your parents would be quite happy if you agree with their decision to get married in the same community. But again, it would be your decision as to whether you wish to go ahead with what would be better for you as your parents think or you wish to take the decision on your own without anyone’s interference.

The rituals and food habits are almost same

The reason why Community Matrimony is preferred by some people is because the community rituals, the kind of events that is to be held for the ; food habits and the lifestyle would be quite similar. Thus, when the bride goes to the groom’s house, she would not feel too much detached from her normal routine and same thing holds true for the groom too. If he marries the girl from his own caste then the girl would get set and gelled up in the family very quickly, as she shares similar lifestyle and habits like the groom’s family. Thus, adults think that getting married is same community would have very few or negligible chances of divorce. If you marry out of community then the lifestyle and the habits of your spouse might come up as a cultural shock.

Five Reasons why Community is Important.

1) Community gives mettle: People who say only the proper thing at simply the ideal time offer bravery to seek after dreams, face fears and live with less nervousness. An existence free from fear is an existence that can achieve anything.

2) Community gives trust: In an agonizing, indeterminate world the understanding and strong nature of good, genuine community can give the expectation important to press on and take risks – even amidst torment.

3) Community gives choices: Life without community is forlorn; it’s deficient in get-togethers, insinuate discussion and profound connections. A solid system of individuals stipends alternatives for a night out, companion to bring in an emergency and somebody to impart an amusing story to.

4) Community gives useful criticism: No one is great. The cherishing individuals in our lives realize that superior to anybody and can be a huge piece of our individual development and change. Listen precisely when individuals offer useful input about your correspondence styles, choices and connections. They have your best enthusiasm on a basic level.

5) Community gives happiness: The bottom line is that community is fun.The shared recollections, giggling and times went through with your nearest friend network give recollections that really last to a lifetime.

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Is pastoral care suitable for all ages?

One pointer of otherworldly development is the means by which we manage trials. With relevant however jolting persuasiveness James says,

My siblings and sisters, at whatever point you confront trials of any sort, think about it only bliss, since you realize that the testing of your confidence produces perseverance; and let continuance have its full impact, with the goal that you might be developed and finish, ailing in nothing. (James 1:2-4 NRSV)

There is something in James’ basic that resounds with any devotee who has set out with continuing persistence on their trials. Pastoral care can be viewed as a coming close by, much as we envision the parameter does, where people we travel with are cautioned, educated, and at last, exhibited: each individual! Colossians 1:28 calls us to proselytize each individual, to teach each individual, and to enlighten each individual. We are to connect with everybody, enable them to know God’s facts, offering them some sound advice. We are called to an existence not of self-indulgence, but rather of self-investigation of thought process, especially of administration.

We can know, in the last analysis, that the case of the cross is our way toward encountering the restoration life of Jesus. This encapsulates our educating and our illustration. What’s more, inside the cross-beared life, it is likewise essential that the develop are Spirit-filled people. The develop individual will soon be inquired as to whether they are not as of now. Just Spirit-filled people should lead Christ’s congregation. Henceforth, being spiritually develop and Spirit-filled should be thought of mutually comprehensive. What’s more, there will be the product of affection in the Spirit-filled, spiritually develop individual; an adoration that insists not on deduction of affection, but rather on acting in cherishing ways. There, I locate, an exquisite yet unsophisticated effortlessness in affection. There is no squirm room. The surrendered soul acts just as God means. It is dutifulness without thought. To be displayed idealize on the last day is to approach life now in order to enter through the restricted door of Matthew 7:13-14, now! Going about as though time is up, we endeavour more for the Kingdom, to an ever-increasing extent. Our endeavouring should be to the allegiance of Christ and his instructing, of flawlessness and impersonation of the Father, despite its appearing unattainability.

The Greek teleios adjusts flawlessness to fruition with full improvement, or to be unblemished and entirety. What’s more, that is God’s will for every one of us: that the pastoral care we may all profit by would take us encourage on the direction of discipleship; further, and forward, unto flawlessness.

There is fantastically incredible incentive in carrying on with the profound life. When we arrange our private world, we remain to pick up the prize of life that God is regularly calling us to. The pastoral care work is essential and fundamental in conveying people to the more profound experience of the otherworldly life. I see that pastoral care and discipleship are joined procedures pointing toward the finish of development, where we may all be displayed consummate in Christ.

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What is pastoral care?

• What is pastoral care?
Is it just a “fancy” term for looking at the emotional side of students in conjunction with their academic side? In a school setting, we all play different roles in supporting the wellbeing of students. At a broad level, this responsibility is a shared among all staff members in the institution, and all adults in the school setting (including parents and guardians). In as much as the guidance counsellor is personally responsible, each member plays a different role. They are tasked with guiding students in the right way. Through pastoral care, information is passed onto students on how to make the most out of opportunities. Both academically and in life generally.
• Core principles behind good pastoral care
Everyone plays a role in proving pastoral care, helping students realize their true potential by extension. These principles guide counsellors at all times.
1. Confidentiality – We were all created differently. Confidentiality can never be emphasized. Information shared between a counsellor and the person in need should never be leaked to other parties. Gossip can never be tolerated. In addition to destroying relationships, it breaks the ring of trust.
2. Pastoral care and guidance and counselling are two distinct disciplines. With each playing a different part in the emotional well-being. Pastoral workers are appointed by the Ministry whereas counsellors come from schools of psychology. Pastoral workers should learn to recognize their limitations and know when to seek help if matters are outside their control. Professional counsellors should be summoned if need be.
3. Flexibility – Some people are better at catching up than the rest of us. Know who you’re dealing with. Without flexibility, pastoral workers are not in a position to understand people better.
What does it take to lead a willing pastoral care team?
God calls us to take care of those in needs. Don’t take it as a cliché – you’re given the mandate. It’s not the pastor’s responsibility. How can we best utilize our abilities in caring for the congregation? By first setting up a strong team of dedicated, self-driven individuals. Here are four crucial guidelines.
1. Clear communication
What message do you want to pass across? What is the most efficient way of conveying ideas? For instance, let’s assume someone asks you “What is pastoral care? “You should look for good communication skills when recruiting members into your team. Ensure that you clearly outline the minimum requirements of being part of your team
2. Fonder strong relationships amongst your team members
How can you make your team members know that you value them? By treating them like family. Genuinely show concern in their activities. Meet them often. Inquire about their daily lives. Conduct prayer sessions together. Whenever you meet them, speaking positive vibes to them. Radiate positive energy.
3. Empower them
Are you doing everything in your reach to ensure that their marriage flourishes? Have a positive impact on their lives. Educate them on ways of being better parents. Devote your time into uplifting their standards. It’s time to see the bigger picture. What are you doing for them?

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